I am a Protestant Christian, married to my college sweetheart. We’ve been married for 7 years and have been praying for God to grow our family for over 6 years. We live in the Phoenix area. We have always wanted to grow our family through adoption. We did not know until 2007 that adoption was the only way God would grow our family.

Through the miracle of Embryo Adoption (aka Snowflake Adoption), we are the parents of 12 embryos. We adopted through Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency’s Snowflake Adoption Program. Like a Snowflake, each embryo is precious and unique (not to mention, frozen!) We believe that all of these frozen embryos are precious children in frozen orphanages. We believe they are in as much need of life and love as the children in traditional adoption situations. Our choice of embryo adoption is not a value judgment on traditional adoption; it is where we felt God leading our family. We are also open to pursuing traditional adoption in the future, but will wait for God to reveal that to us.

We became pregnant in the fall of 2008, following our first frozen embryo transfer. Our two babies, whom we’ve named Lucy and Mary, were born in to Heaven through miscarriage on November 22, 2008. In December 2009, we attempted another transfer with two embryos. These two babies did not implant and instead, joined their sisters in heaven. God has not revealed their names to us but we miss them as much as we miss their sisters. We will attempt our next Frozen Embryo Transfer with two of their siblings on May 17, 2010.  Our 6 remaining Snowflakes will await us still in frozen storage until God brings us to another transfer. We will, ultimately, give each of our 12 a chance at life.

I worked professionally in the pro-life world for 5 years. I am also a volunteer Adoption Advocate for Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

Our other family member is our spoiled Lhasa Apso, my little companion, Lewis. I enjoy reading, writing, homemaking, practicing hospitality, watching Packer football, photography, and scrapbooking.

I have a passion for other women on the journey of infertility, and for Embryo Adoption. If you ever have any questions about either, please feel free to ask, either publicly or via email.


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  1. Angie July 6, 2009 at 7:00 pm #

    Hi there. My name is Angie and I live in Texas. We have a 6 year old son whom we were blessed through IVF. We also have 11 embryos, waiting for their next journey. We have tried FET twice and the second time I got pregnant but quickly miscarried. We had met a couple whom we were going to donate our embryos to but couldn’t pinpoint it, but only we didn’t have a peace about the adoption. We loved them and therefore were a little confused on the restlessness. Three months after spending 6 days with the couple, the husband passed away! It was a very sad time for us. It sort of gave us an answer, but nonetheless it was a sad time for us. I will be turning 42 this fall and still have the “baby bug”. I just told my husband yesterday that I really want to try again. It is difficult to understand why I am not “satisfied” with the children I already have, because I have 3 older children from a previous marriage. I even have a two year old granddaugther, whom I adore. But, spending time with her only makes my longing more apparent! We have recently opened up the conversation with a very sweet couple about possibly adopting some of our enbryos, but we are not ready to release all of them. My nest just doesn’t seem full. I’ve often wondered if I will always have this longing…..I too am a Christian and I know the Lord has a plan for us as well as each of our babies.
    I really don’t know what prompted me to research FET/embryo adoption today, much less writing this and sharing my history, thoughts and feelings. I pray that you will have a successful cycle and fill your home with lots of babies!

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